Whether your yacht requires exterior painting, special coating, interior refinishing, fairing of additions and extension, Nguyen Yacht Refinishing ensures timely service by assigning specialist to complete each stage of a project.
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Our paint department is filled with the finest painters South Florida has to offer. With the patience and meticulous perfection, our painter’s sets Nguyen Yacht Refinishing apart from the others. Our company feels that the appearance of your vessel is the utmost importance. When your vessel docks at one of the most prestigious ports and everyone looking at your Yacht, that reflects precision, expertise and craftsmanship.

Fairing is a timely process. That is why Nguyen Yacht Refinishing takes the patience needed to fair out your vessel. Over the years our company has devised the techniques need to save time and material without sacrificing quality. Nguyen Yacht Refinishing extensive in-house training insures a competent and skilled workforce that is capable of meeting the demands of the luxury yacht industry today. The combination of detailed attention and finest materials allows each yacht to leave the hands of Nguyen yacht Refinishing with the finishing touch that reflects pure quality.

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